Judith Todd Home Staging On A Budget Part Two



In Part 1

I talked about staging on a budget and the tasks that you should focus on.

In Part 2

I am going to share my tips for where to find furniture and accessories to dress your home. When buying anything it is always worth bearing in mind your new home and what you are planning to change when you move. If you know that you will be buying a new piece of furniture why not buy it now (check that it will fit your new home of course). The same applies to accessories.
Sites such as Gumtree and Freecycle are great for furniture at no or very low cost. One thing to bear in mind is that if possible you want to have one look throughout in order to give a feel of flow. This means that whilst not everything has to be co-ordinated you do want to try to aim for a degree of cohesion and not too many different styles. So perhaps light wood furniture such as beech or oak mixed with a few upholstered pieces. Ebay is another good place to look although prices might be a little higher.
Charity Shops
Many charity shops have furniture outlets which can be a fantastic source of furniture in very good condition at very reasonable prices. They can also be a
good place to find curtains, duvets etc. There is the added advantage that you are supporting the charity at the same time.

If I am staging on a budget then my “go to” stores are Ikea, The Range, Dunelm Mill and Home Sense. These are all fabulous sources for accessories such as bedding, throws, cushions and artwork. Again, before you start consider whether you can kill two birds with one stone by choosing items that you are going to take to your new home.
Taking the time and effort and spending some money to prepare your home so that it looks its best does make sense, it’s an investment and it needn’t cost the earth. There is always a reason for moving and staging helps you achieve your goal.

To learn more why not visit the website http://www.homestyle4u.com/ My name is Judith Todd and to find out more about how I can help you contact me now via e mail at info@homestyle4u.com, call us on 07745 876182 I cover Cheshire and the Wirral

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